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Berkunjung ke Pabrik Jet Tempur Sukhoi Su-35

Pengembangan dan produksi Su-35 adalah salah satu program prioritas dari perusahaan “Sukhoi”.

Su-35 – deep upgraded super-maneuverable multi-role fighter generation 4 ++, which used the technology of the fifth generation, providing superiority over similar class fighters.

Produced by Komsomolkom-on-Amur aircraft plant them. YA Gagarin (KnAAZ).

Distinctive features of the aircraft are new avionics based on digital information management system that integrates avionics systems, new radar station (RLS) phased array with long-range detection of air targets with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets, new engines with increased thrust and turning the thrust vector.

Currently ongoing joint state tests of the plane (ICG). During the flight tests were completely confirmed the basic set performance characteristics of the aircraft, as well as the characteristics of super-maneuverability, performance-board equipment, check the stability and controllability of the car, confirmed the parameters of the power plant and the accuracy of the navigation system.

All work related to the state tests of the new fighter, held in accordance with the approved plan. Successfully tested modes of combat employment, including the real use of guided and unguided aircraft weapons (TSA).

The findings of the test results allow the aircraft today to conclude that the Su-35 has a much better performance characteristics as compared to the standing armed vehicles peers and established a set of onboard equipment allows to solve a wide range of tasks, certain tactical and technical task.

Realized and attained by plane characteristics significantly superior to that of tactical fighter generation 4 and 4+ type Rafale and Eurofighter 2000, the upgraded fighter aircraft F-15, F-16 and F-18, F-35 aircraft and can effectively counteract the aircraft F-22A.

The aircraft Su-35 used many advanced technologies that are widely used in aircraft PAK-FA. It is a kind of platform for developing advanced technologies that are applied to the fifth-generation aircraft, the test is carried out at the moment.

First of all, this is a new set of on-board equipment, on the basis of an integrated management information system (MIS), built using the most advanced information technology solutions using redundant multiprocessor computer systems and high-speed channels of information exchange, ensuring the function of complex processing of information received from surveillance and sighting systems, and provide intellectual support for the pilot in solving complex tasks of combat use.

The Su-35 is widely used technology to ensure situational awareness in a spherical field of information and real-time capabilities through the use of complex means of communication, radar, optical-electronic reconnaissance systems and review of the UNCCD, as well as ground and air control systems at various levels.

The aircraft installed the new engines (engines similar PAK FA) with increased thrust and a rotary thrust vector, and built-in auxiliary power unit (APU).

The Su-35 has a broad nomenclature controlled aircraft weapons (TSA) of large, medium and small range, as well as unmanaged ASP.

On 16 July, the company “Sukhoi” BBC Russia in the framework of a single day of acceptance of the military batch of Su-35S. The handover ceremony took place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch – KnAAZ them. YA Gagarin.

Aircraft are produced under government orders for the Russian Air Force combat aircraft provided by the state armaments program for 2011-2020. Their implementation will provide a deep modernization of the Air Force of the country and guarantee the company “Dry” and allied enterprises high load in the long term

Currently, the company “Sukhoi” performs a government contract to supply the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation 48 Su-35S.

The power plant of the aircraft Su-35 has two turbojet engines, “117S” with units that provide energy Jets consumers. Work of power plant systems provide control and monitoring, cooling, fire suppression, mechanization intakes

Thrust, kgf mode “full afterburner” – 14500, on the “Maximal” – 8800.

Engine “117C” – the further development of AL-31F engine Su-27. It has changed the design of the low pressure compressor, all-aspect-controlled nozzle, the new digital engine management system and the air intake.

Until the end of the year twelve Su-35S will be transferred to the Defense Ministry, and five Su-30M2.

Basic data of the aircraft Su-35:

Length, m 21.9
Height, m ??5.9
Wingspan, m 14.7

Takeoff Weight:
normal (2 x RVV-AE + 2 x F-73E) – 25300
Max – 34500

Turbofan engine F 2 pieces, thrust, 14500 kg

The maximum amount of fuel in internal tanks, kg 11500
The maximum payload weight, kg 8000
Practical ceiling, km 18
Range with maximum refueling, km:
H = 0, M = 0.7 – 1580
NKR Mach – 3600

Ferry range with 2 x FTB-2000 km – 4500
Acceleration at an altitude of 1000 m in the fuel balance of 50% of the normal refueling, sec:
600 km / h up to 1100 km / h – 13.8
1100 km / h up to 1300 km / h – 8.0

The maximum rate of climb (H = 1000 m), m / c> 280
Maximum flight speed:
H = 200 m, km / h – 1400
H = 11,000 m, the number of M – 2.25

Maximum operating overload, g 9.
Takeoff run at normal take-off weight at full afterburner, 400-450m.

The length of the landing run on the concrete runway with a braking parachute and wheel brakes with normal landing weight, 650-700 m.

That’s the beauty.