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Norwegian and Dutch Order Kongsberg Naval Strike Missiles

Naval Strike Missiles (@Kongsberg)
Naval Strike Missiles (@Kongsberg)

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) and the Norwegian Defense Materials Agency (NDMA) signed an addendum to the contract for the continued acquisition of Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) for the Norwegian Navy on December 22, 2022.

This 604 Norwegian Krone contract will increase the number of NSM missiles supplied to the Norwegian client. The contract for the additional NSM is part of the German-Norwegian partnership for the acquisition of NSM for both countries.

According to the Kongsberg website, the company values its close collaboration with the NDMA team and looks forward to continuing these efforts as it focuses on shipbuilding for the Norwegian Navy.

Naval Strike Missiles (@Kongsberg)
Naval Strike Missiles (@Kongsberg)

Kongsberg’s Naval Strike Missile is Chosen by The Netherlands

Previously, on December 12, 2022, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) secured a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defense to provide Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) for their fleet of Air Defense & Command Frigates.

“Kongsberg is overjoyed to have been chosen by the Netherlands Ministry of Defense to supply the NSM to the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) Air Defence & Command Frigates. This is yet another significant achievement for the NSM program, and we are delighted to welcome the RNLN as a member of the NSM User Group “said Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

NSM missiles are fundamentally designed to counter future threats and warfare scenarios, making them the 5th generation, multi-mission, long-range precision strike missile (anti-ship & land assault) intended to ensure effective strikes under difficult conditions.

Naval Strike Missile (NSM)

The NSM is a highly adaptable device that can be launched from a variety of platforms and is effective against both marine and land targets.

The NSM’s excellent maneuverability is due to the airframe’s design and the high thrust to weight ratio. The missile is entirely passive, has demonstrated remarkable sea-skimming abilities, and will withstand any hostile air defenses thanks to its sophisticated terminal maneuvers. Whether on land or in the water, the seeker’s autonomous target recognition (ATR) system ensures that the correct target is found, identified, and hit.

Technical Data:

Supersonic speed
407 kg (897 lbs)
3.96 meters (156 inches)
Range: >185 km (100 nm)

*Cover image: Naval Strike Missiles (@Kongsberg)




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