Uji Tembak Rudal KH-35 Anti Kapal Permukaan

Di tengah situasi yang memanas dengan NATO terkait Krisis Ukraina, Rusia mengujicoba rudal anti kapal permukaan Kh-35E, di wilayah timur jauh Rusia.

The Zvezda Kh-35U (‘Star’, Russian: ?-35?, AS-20 ‘Kayak’) is the jet-launched version of a Russian subsonic anti-ship missile. The same missile can also be launched from helicopters, surface ships and coastal defence batteries with the help of a rocket booster, in which case it is known as Uran (‘Uranus’, SS-N-25 ‘Switchblade’, GRAU 3M24) or Bal (‘Ball’, SSC-6 ‘Sennight’, GRAU 3K60). It is also nicknamed “Harpoonski”, because it looks like and functions very similar to the American Harpoon Anti-Ship missile. It is designed to attack vessels up to 5000 tonnes.