Jet Russian Air Force Sekarang Terbang 60-80 Sorti / Hari

Serangan Rusia di Suriah dalam satu bulan: destroyed 249 comms hubs & HQ’s, 51 training camps, 35 arms factories, 131 ammo dumps.

SU-25 up, up and away in slow-motion. Russian Air Force says it has destroyed 1623 terror targets over the past 30 days in Syria

Su-25’s taking off together. RUAF (Russian Air Force) jets now flying 60-80 sorties a day. Us-led coalition – 70 in two weeks in Syria

SU-34 landing at airbase in slow-mo. RUAF has launched more than 1,200 sorties over last month in Syria.

Just missed the parachute opening on this su-24. Russian says operation will stay limited to airstrikes in syria

All Video provide by :

Murad Gazdiev
RT Correspondent.