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“Grexit? Could be a Domino Effect after Brexit”

After European Union (EU) loses United Kingdom(UK) as a member state. Dynamics in EU changes their perspective on UK and set a new agenda without one member. Some issue about the contestation between EU and Russia had been renewed. Before that, EU send a sanctions to Russia until they had extend the sanctions until 2016. Some member of EU are less agreeing with the policy issued by the European External Action Service (EEAS).

As well as Hungary, Cyprus, and Greece that have good relations with Russia. However, there is some turmoil in the country that had been spotlight by EU as a supra-state.

Domino effect might occur. We take the example of a country that could be an opportunity to out of other EU members. Greece, when the new Greek government led by Alexis Tsipras that time had refused an extension of sanctions on Russia.

The Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) 29 February 2015 which is already implemented, had forced the Greek foreign minister (Nikos Kotzias) refuse to ratify the flight ban (Rules No.833 2014).

Until now, Greece is still struggling to restore the downturn on the crisis, since 2008. Although improved, but the condition is still not stable, when the flexibility of economic situations still unreached. This is because a lot of government debt and the EU did not make a greater responsibility in restoring economic conditions. The Greek government in a state of dilemma, some policy package granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) did not implemented it instantly.

On the other hand, Greece often to make a slightly different and there are little bit signs of Greece will come out.Although there are some cooling situations between Greece and the European Union. However, the decision on the existence of an exit member (referendum) is not due to the proximity between governments.

But by the society when voting announced. As well as the UK, works out based on the decision of the people instead of the government. In fact, after the UK legitimately declared out, Prime Minister David Cameroon resign from his office. This proves that the government is not in line with the society, and it is proving to affairs of the outgoing and incoming EU members based on the decision of the local community (state).

Some of data has been revealed that a lot of the policy issued to the EU member countries harm the greece’s society. Conflicts Greece on the extension of sanctions made by the EU is not merely done without rationalization of society. For an example, a data source from Gallup mention that 62% did not agree to extend the sanctions. But, ultimately the government, there are signs that it will approve the extension of sanctions late. The big issue, many residents of Greece disappointed by the EU’s work against his own country.

Maybe this will become a political tool for some prospective heir to save their voters for a few years.
Disappointment from local community embrace opportunities for a possible Grexit from the EU members. Just waiting for a strong momentum, until the time Greece is ready and managed to take empathy Russia to ask for her hand when the later was out from the EU. And other things is when the government was convinced that the country already do not need the EU as a friend who was out previously (UK).

Maybe if Greece opened the referendum, the people of Greece will agree to come out of the EU. Moreover, the relationship between Alexis Tsipras (Greek’s Prime Minister) and Vladimir Putin (Rusia’s President) was toasty warm consistently (seen from some of the agreements that have been agreed).

UK confident over their people about the decision in advance for out of the EU by referendum. Then, if it’s going to happen. Is Hungary and Cyprus to follow as well? Certainly, Greece have opportunity to get out of the EU. Ready or not, the stability of the EU structure as a supra-state will be affected by the erosion of common values.

Writing by: Akbar Azmi S.SOS Bachelor of International Relations
State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 2012
Former National Presidium of Indonesian International Relations Student Communicaton Forum Coordinator 2 (Jadetabek) (FKMHII)
Another site : https://independent.academia.edu/akbarazmi


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    Ahhh sudahlah… .


    gresik exit


    brexit (BREBES EXIT)????


    Tinggalin aja tu EU.. gak ada untungnya juga bwt Yunani..




    Brexit…indonesia exit non blog lohh gak nyambung…:)


    Maybe this is the new era of eu


    “No problem, i am fine. Lets kick off our cancer” UE said. Hhi”


    Opo arti ne kuwi cak.? Ora ngerti bahasa Inggris. Maklum gak lahir di Inggris.


    Artikel yang sangat menarik. Ada yang bisa menterjemahkan dalam bahasa indonesia.?


      malah bingungin bung bahasanya, melayu omong inggris;

      misal, ini kalimat gak sempurna;

      On the other hand, Greece often to make a slightly different and there are..

      jika diselipkan 2 kata bisa lebih dipahami;

      On the other hand, Greece often XXX to make a slightly different YYYY and there are..

      Di sisi lain, Yunani seringkali XXX membuat YYYY yang sedikit berbeda, dan ada beberapa..

      klo dilengkapi, misal,

      On the other hand, Greece often HAS to make (a) slightly different DECISIONS and there are..

      Di sisi lain, Yunani seringkali HARUS membuat KEPUTUSAN2 yang sedikit berbeda, dan ada beberapa..


    Yunani hrs cerdas dan mau menggunakan logika

    Ngapain ia hrs bertahan di ue, kl ekonominya malah jadi bangkrut. Hidup sendiri dan berteman dgn Rusia akan lbh baik, krn Rusia yg lagi perlu banyak teman di eropa, tentu akan senang membantu perekonomiaannya, tanpa banyak perhitungan lagi.


    pangsit (pangandaran brexit)


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