Leopard dan Marder di Bulan Agustus

52 Tank Leopard  Indonesia sudah dikirim dari Jerman. 24 MBT Leopard A4 dan 28 Tank Marder dijadwalkan tiba di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok pada 28 Agustus 2014. Foto: Dok. Kantor Athan KBRI Berlin
52 Tank Leopard Indonesia sudah dikirim dari Jerman. 24 MBT Leopard A4 dan 28 Tank Marder dijadwalkan tiba di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok pada 28 Agustus 2014. Foto: Dok. Kantor Athan KBRI Berlin











52 tank Leopard dan IFV Marder Jerman dijadwalkan tiba di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok pada 28 Agustus 2014. Tank yang dikirim, dengan perincian sebanyak 24 MBT Leopard A4 dan 28 IFV Marder. Kedua jenis tank ini telah diberangkatkan sejak 31 Juli 2014 lalu, dengan kapal kargo berbendera Panama, Morning Celesta, dari pelabuhan Bremenhaven, Jerman. (photo: Kantor Athan KBRI Berlin). (vivanews).


    • maaf bung@Akung ,,beda topix dkt hehe,,td jalan ke blog tetangga dapat ini,,Kreditur Sempat Ancam Ambil Alih 2 Unit Gagah Samudera Class AL Malaysia
      07-03-2014 22:59
      Here We Go Againโ€ฆ

      Marhalim Abas March 7, 2014 Malaysia -RMN

      KUALA LUMPUR: It appears that the new ship hoodoo has struck RMN again as work to commission both training ships โ€“ PCU Gagah Samudera and Teguh Samudera โ€“ has floundered as the builder, NGV Tech Sdn Bhd, is alleged to be in a financial bind. Industry sources stated that the alleged financial trouble was so bad that the creditors had threatened to take possession of the two ships, which was only prevented when the government gave an emergency grant to the company.

      PCU Gagah Samudera prior to her launch back in 2012 at the NGV Tech shipyard

      Efforts to contact NGV Tech for comments was futile as calls made to its listed telephone number went unanswered.

      Industry sources said Gagah Samudera was now berthed at the RMN Hydrography Centre in Port Klang while Teguh Samudera reportedly remained at NGV Tech yard in Sinjangkang, Banting. Both ships are not expected to be commissioned this year. Gagah Samudera was launched on Dec 14, 2012 by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor while Teguh Samudera launched by Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali on Feb 27, last year. Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months.

      NGV Tech signed the RM294 million contract with RMN for the construction of the training vessels at LIMA 2011.

      RMN Chief Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar when met today after signing an MOU with Boustead Naval Sdn Bhd declined to specify details of the problems affecting both ships apart from saying that it was under purview of the Secretary General of the Defence Ministry. He said at least five shipyards were interested in reviving the project.

      During his speech at the launch of Teguh Samudera, Abdul Aziz had call on the government for a follow-up contract for at least four more of 75-metre hulls for training and patrol duties. For more details on the technical aspect of the ship go here.

      Meanwhile, Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Bhd managing director Tan Sri Ahmad Ramli Mohd Nor said today the LCS project โ€œwas on track and on schedule for delivery as stipulated by the contract in 2018?.

      A close-up of the BNS Gowind Frigate

      He said work on the shipโ€™s design, systems and building process had started two years ago using simulation and virtual design tools. He, however, was unable to confirm exactly when the construction of the first of the six-class ship will start at the BNS yard in Lumut.

      โ€œIt will be by the middle of the year,โ€ he said when pressed for an exact date. Asked whether the engines and generators for LCS has been selected, he confirmed the ships will be fitted with four diesel engines and four generators. Pressed to name the engines, he said โ€œMTUโ€. Generators โ€œAlso MTU,โ€ he answered.

      On the missile systems, Ramli said โ€œMore or less it had been selected. But as the LOA has not been signed I am unable to announce the missile systems. Maybe Tan Sri Aziz will want to announce it,โ€ he added. However, Abdul Aziz declined to confirm the missile systems.

      For the record, only the missile systems โ€“ SSM and SAM โ€“ remained the major sub-systems of the LCS that has yet to be confirmed as the rest had been made public via Boustead releases. Meanwhile the DCNS-designed CMS is undergoing โ€œland integration testsโ€ to ensure its ready for installation when the ship are ready.

      Source: http://www.malaysiandefence.com/?p=4153
      jadi ingat clue bung@Yayan,,,bahwa negara tetangga di utara tinggal nunggu waktu untuk jatuhnya

  1. Catnya masih cat dasar, mungkin sejenis cat meni kalau utk bangunan, setelah sampai tinggal dicat modif sesuai dengan selera Indonesia. Hebat. Berikutnya tinggal nambah lagi utk ditempatnya di perbatasan kalimantan dan NTT dengan proses upgrade dilakukan oleh PINDAD. Lanjutkan.

  2. Tank Jadul yang udah mau di hancurkan dibeli sama kita. Mirisss. Beli yang baru saja kenapa. Yg Gresss dari pabrikan. Klw dihitung massa manfaat mesinnya sudah mau kadaluarsa tuh. Pantesan Rheinmentall getol kasih kita pusat perawatan leo di Indonesia lah wong merreka jual untung kok.