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Editor in Chief: Rojes Saragih.

Deputy Chief Editor: Deny Rachman.

General Manager News: Achmad Sakirin

Social Media Manager: Raffah Izzat S.

Partnership Manager : Imam Oziki

Editors: Abhipraya Arief, Muhidin, Budget Saragih, Dedi Andika, Fachrizal Lubis.

About Us:

JKGR is a global internet media site that publishes significant news and information regarding the military and defense industries.

We consistently provide the most recent and accurate defense news from a variety of Ministry of Defense, Military, Government, and private businesses engaged in the commercial and technological development of defense equipment.

Defense News – JKGR offers the most recent news on the field of international defense every day of the week. The intention is for readers to be able to compare and view defense and military material from a variety of angles. It is intended that advancements and advances in global defense would give readers a more comprehensive perspective.

A team of writers at JKGR is qualified to write on and evaluate military and defense news. Our staff is extremely worried about changes in global defense, thus in the future, we hope that JKGR can establish itself as a “reference for international military news.”

JKGR, an online media outlet, gives users a lot of room to argue or express ideas in a civil and non-racial manner in the comments section. We are worried about the great, strong, and respected defense of diverse nations, which will ultimately bring about peace.

We would be delighted to hear any news releases, press releases, articles, comments, questions, criticisms, or other feedback you may have.

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