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 Type-54A [China]

Type-54A [China]

10. Type-54A [China]


Strength: Anti-Air Warfare

Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) propulsion with 4 Shaanxi diesel engines, each rated at 5700 kW, thus producing a total of 22,800 kW


  • 1 E-band Fregat-ME as its primary radar for surface and air search
  • 4 Front Dome fire control radars for HQ-16 SAM
  • 1 Mineral ME radar for guiding the anti-ship missiles
  • Hull mounted sonar
  • Towed array sonar

Persenjataan :

  • 1 x 76 mm dual purpose main gun
  • 8 x C-803 subsonic anti-ship missiles with 180 km range
  • 32 Vertical launch system (VLS) cells for 50 km range HQ-16 (Shtil) SAM with semi-active radar seeker.
  • 2Type-1130 Close in Weapons System (CIWS) with dedicated search, track and fire control radar.
  • 2 x 6 ASW rocket launchers for short range rockets
  • 2 triple 324 mm lightweight torpedo tubes

Type-54A [China] 2


  • It uses the relatively older Fregat-ME radar for surface and air search as its primary sensor.
  • There is no secondary long range radar for volume search.
  • 4 older generation mechanically scanning fire control radars for the SAM, limiting the number of aerial targets engaged simultaneously to 4.
  • First 18 frigates of the class lack the important variable depth sonar (VDS).


9. Shivalik class [India]

Shivalik class [India]

Strength: Anti-Submarine Warfare


  • Combined Diesel or Gas (CODAG) propulsion. Using only diesel engines for low speed cruise and using only gas turbines for high speed cruise.
  • 2 x Pielstick diesel engines, each producing 11,300 kW for a total of 22,600 kW for low speed cruise at up to 22 knots.
  • 2 x LM 2500+ gas turbines, each producing 25,100 kW for a total of 50,200 kW for high speed cruise at 32+ knots (59+ km/hr) 


  • E-band Fregat-ME 3D radar as its primary radar for surface and air search
  • The secondary radar is the Elta EL/M-2238 STAR operating in the S-band. It is a multi-role radar with a range of 350+ km.
  • 2 Elta EL/M 2221 fire control radars are used for Barak-1 SAM guidance
  • 4 Orekh fire control radars are used for Shtil SAM guidance
  • 1 BEL Aparna radar for 2D surface search and providing targeting data for Klub/BrahMos anti-ship missiles
  • HUMSA-NG( Indian Hull Mounted Sonar Array- New Gen) and ATAS towed array sonar system

Shivalik class [India] 2

Persenjataan :

  • 8 Universal VLS cells for Klub/BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles. They can also be used for land attack roles.
  • 1 x Single arm reloadable launcher for 24 Shtil-1 Surface to Air Missiles. They are semi-active radar homing and have a 40 km range.
  • 32 Barak-1 SAMs in VLS to act as Close in Weapons System (CIWS) and provide defense against sea-skimming cruise missiles.
  • 1 x 76 mm Oto Melara Super rapid Gun Mount (SRGM) with 120 rds/min rate of fire up to a range of 17 km. It is highly effective against surface and aerial threats.
  • 2 x Ak-630 30 mm Gatling guns as CIWS for last ditch defense against anti-ship missiles
  • 2 x RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers. Each launcher has 12 barrels and 96 reloadable rockets below the deck.
  • 2 x Twin 533 mm heavyweight torpedo tubes for engaging sub-surface threats.


  • It uses an outdated single-arm launcher for its primary Shtil-1 Surface to Air Missiles. It takes 6 seconds for the missile to reload and the firing arc is limited to the front of the ship. All other ships in this list have vertical launch systems for their primary SAM.
  • Older generation primary radar with mechanically scanning illuminators limit the number of aerial targets engaged simultaneously to 6 (4 can be targeted).


8. Fridtjof Nansen class [Norwegia]

Fridtjof Nansen class [Norway]

Strength: Anti-Submarine Warfare

Propulsion:  Combined diesel and gas (CODAG) propulsion with two diesel engines producing 9MW for low speed cruise and one LM2500+ 21.5 MW gas turbine for high speed cruise. A total of 30.5 MW is generated during CODAG running.


  • The American SPY-1F multi-function PESA radar with 4 faces using AEGIS combat system as it’s primary radar.
  • MRS 2000 hull mounted sonar (HMS) and CAPTAS towed array sonar (TAS) provide comprehensive submarine detection capability
  • 2 x SPG-62 radars provide target illumination in the terminal interception stage for Evolved Sea Sparrow surface to air missiles

Persenjataan :

  • 1 x 76 mm Super Rapid gun for engaging surface and aerial threats
  • 8 x Mk41 cells for 32 Evolved Sea Sparrow (ESSM) surface to air missiles with a range of 50 km provide air defense
  • 8 NSM anti-ship/land attack cruise missiles with a 125 kg warhead and a 185+ km range
  • These ships have space for an additional 8 x Mk41 VLS module with 32 more ESSM
  • 4 x 324 mm torpedo tubes for stingray torpedoes provide ASW capability


  • It does not have a long range SAM like SM-2 to make full use of the capabilities provided by the SPY-1F radar

Fridtjof Nansen class [Norway] 2


7. Carlo Bergamini class [Italia]

Carlo Bergamini class [Italy]

Strength: Anti-Submarine Warfare


  • These 6900 ton ships feature an extremely advanced hybrid electric propulsion system which is of the CODLAG (combined diesel-electric and gas turbine) type.
  • It has 1 × 32 MW LM2500+ gas turbine for normal operations.
  • For quiet anti-submarine operations, 2 × 2.5 MW electric motors (powered by 4 diesel generators) are used to run the ship.


  •  Selex MFRA multi-function active phased array radar which can detect targets 400+ km away and provide fire-control for the Aster SAMs
  • 2 Selex NA-25X radars provide fire control for the 76 and 127 mm guns
  • 1 Selex RAN-30X radar is used for surface search in 2D and to provide target designation for the Otomat and MILAS missiles

Persenjataan :

  • 1 x Oto Melara 127 mm gun with long range Vulcano guided shells for land attack and 1 x 76 mm gun with guided shells for engaging aerial and surface targets
  • 2 x Oto Melara 76 mm gun with guided shells (ASW variant)
  • 16 x A50 vertical launch cells for Aster-15/30 SAMs with 35+ km range and 120+ km range respectively provide long-range air defense coverage.
  • 4 Otomat anti-ship missiles with 200+ km range (GP variant )
  • 4 MILAS anti-submarine missiles with lightweight torpedo (ASW variant)


  • Comparatively small SAM loadout of 16 missiles for a large 6900 ton ship
 127 mm gun firing during trials

127 mm gun firing during trials

Carlo Bergamini class [Italy] 2

6. Aquitaine class [Prancis]

Aquitaine class [France]

Strength: Land Attack


  • Advanced hybrid electric-propulsion which is of the CODLOG type (Combined Diesel-Electric or Gas turbine)
  • It has 1 × 32 MW LM2500+ gas turbine for normal operations.
  • For quiet anti-submarine operations, 2 × 2.5 MW electric motors are used to run the ship.


  • Thales Herakles passive phased array radar which operates in the S-band and has a range of 250 km. It is a multi-fuction radar which can track surface and aerial targets and provide fire control for the Aster SAMs.
  • Vigy MM electro-optical fire control system for the 76 mm gun

Persenjataan :

  • 1 x 76 mm Oto Melara SRGM for engaging surface and aerial threats at a range of 15 km.
  • 16 A43 VLS cells are provided for the medium range Aster-15 SAM with a range of 35+ km
  • 16 A70 VLS cells are equipped with the 1000+ km range naval Scalp cruise missile for land attack roles
  • 8 Exocet Blk3 anti-ship missiles are present amidships for engaging ships at ranges of over 200 km
  • 2 twin tubes for MU90 lightweight torpedoes
  • 3 x Nexter’s NARWHAL 20B 20 mm remote weapons stations for engaging close in surface threats


  • There is only 1 main multi-function radar and no secondary search radar. All other ships in this list have at least 2 major radars.

Aquitaine class [France] 2


5. Álvaro de Bazán-class [Spanyol]


Álvaro de Bazán-class [Spain]

Strength: Anti-Air Warfare

Propulsion:  It has a CODOG (Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine) propulsion system with 2 × General Electric LM2500 gas turbines and 2 × Caterpillar 3600 diesel engines.


  • Primary sensor is the 4 faced SPY-1D PESA radar with the AEGIS combat system. This gives it a world class air defense system which can detect targets at 300+ km. This radar can track hundreds of targets simultaneously. The SPY-1D also provides guidance for the surface to air missiles till the illuminators take over.
  • 2 × Raytheon SPG-62 radar illuminator to provide terminal guidance to the surface to air missiles.
  • 1 x SPS-67 surface search radar
  • It has a bow-mounted Raytheon DE1160 LF active and passive sonar for submarine detection

Álvaro de Bazán-class [Spanyol] 2

Persenjataan :

  • 1 x 127 mm Mk45 main gun for use against surface and land targets
  • For anti-air warfare, it has the Mk 41 Vertical Launch system with 48 cells for a combination of  32 SM-2MR Block IIIA (100+ km range) and 64 ESSM (50 km range, 4 missiles per cell) surface to air missiles.
  • 8 × RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles in 2 quad launchers
  • 4 × 324 mm tubes for Mk46 lightweight torpedo


  • The older generation mechanically scanning SPG-62 illuminators limit the number of targets engaged simultaneously.


4.  Iver Huitfeldt-class [Denmark]

Iver Huitfeldt-class [Denmark]

Strength: Anti-Air Warfare

Propulsion: It is powered by 4 MTU diesel engines which generate 8.2 MW each for a total of 32.8 MW of power.


  • The main sensor is the 4-faced APAR (Advanced Phased Array Radar). This multi-function AESA radar works in the X-band and provides target detection, tracking and engagement in 360°. It has a major advantage over the SPY-1 search and SPG-62 illumination radar combination used in the Alvaro de Bazan class as the APAR can detect the incoming targets as well as provide guidance for 32 SAMs simultaneously including terminal illumination for 16 of them.
  • The Thales SMART-L radar provides long range aerial surveillance and the ability to detect and track ballistic missiles at distances of 400+ km. This AESA radar operating in the L-band is capable of tracking 1500 targets simultaneously and provides early warning.
  • There are 2 Saab CEROS 200 fire control radars to provide fire control for the 76 mm and 35 mm guns on board.
  • The Atlas ASO 94 hull mounted sonar provides submarine detection capability.


  • 32 Mk 41 VLS cells for a total of 32 SM-2 IIIA surface-to-air missiles (100+ km range)
  • Mk 56 VLS cells for 24 RIM-162 ESSM ( 50 km range)
  • 2 quad launchers for 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles
  • 1 × Oerlikon Millennium 35 mm CIWS. This a highly advanced revolver gun with a 1000 rpm rate of fire. It uses special air-burst ammunition to destroy incoming threats.
  • 2 × OTO Melara 76 mm guns ( Will be replaced by 127 mm and 35 mm guns)
  • 2 × Dual MU90 ASW torpedo launchers

Iver Huitfeldt-class [Denmark] 2


  • Diesel-only propulsion system when compared to the cutting edge CODOG/CODELAG systems on board the other top frigates.
  • No towed array sonar


3. De Zeven Provincien class [Belanda]

De Zeven Provincien class [Netherlands]

Strength: Anti-Air Warfare

Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Gas turbine (CODAG) propulsion. The 2 x Wärtsilä diesel engines generate 4.2 MW each and the 2 × Rolls Royce Spey turbines generate 18.5 MW each, for a total of 45.4 MW


  • The main sensor is the 4-faced APAR (Advanced Phased Array Radar). This multi-function AESA radar works in the X-band and provides target detection, tracking and engagement in 360°. It will be upgraded with an increased range version.
  • The Thales SMART-L radar provides long range aerial surveillance and the ability to detect and track ballistic missiles at distances of 400+ km. This AESA radar operating in the L-band is capable of tracking 1500 targets simultaneously and provides early warning. A newer version with the capability to detect and track ballistic missiles 2000+ km away will be installed in the future.
  • An Atlas Elektronik DSQS-24C hull-mounted sonar provides submarine detection capability

De Zeven Provincien class [Netherlands] 2

Persenjataan :

  • 40 cell Mk41 VLS system with 32 x SM-2 IIIA surface-to-air missiles (1 per cell) and 32 × Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (4 per cell)
  • 1 × Oto Melara 127 mm dual-purpose gun
  • 2 × Goalkeeper CIWS with a 30 mm Gatling gun firing at 3000 rpm
  • 2 quad launchers for 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles
  • 2 × twin torpedo launchers with  MK46 lightweight torpedoes

Cons: No towed array sonar

2. Sachsen class [Jerman]

Sachsen class [Germany]

Strength: Anti-Air Warfare

Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Gas turbine (CODAG) propulsion system with 1 x LM2500 gas turbine generating 23,500 kW  and 2 x MTU diesel engines generating 7.5 MW each. A total of 38.5 MW of power is available for high speed cruises.


  • The main sensor is the 4-faced APAR (Advanced Phased Array Radar). This multi-function AESA radar works in the X-band and provides target detection, tracking and engagement in 360°.
  • The Thales SMART-L radar provides long range aerial surveillance and the ability to detect and track ballistic missiles at distances of 400+ km. This AESA radar operating in the L-band is capable of tracking 1500 targets simultaneously and provides early warning.
  • 1 x Atlas bow-mounted sonar for detecting submarines

Persenjataan :

  • 32 Mk41 VLS cells to carry a mix of 24 SM-2 Blk IIIA  + 32 ESSM  Surface To Air Missiles. This variant of the SM-2 has a 150+ km range and serves the role as an area defence SAM. The 50 km range ESSM provides medium range air defence.
  • 2 x RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launchers with 21 missiles each. A total of 42 missiles of 10 km range form the third layer of air defence for this frigate.
  • 2 x quad launchers for 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles
  • 1 x 76 mm Oto Melara dual purpose gun
  • 2 x triple launchers for MU90 lightweight torpedoes
  • 2 x Rheinmetall 27 mm guns in remote weapons station

Cons: Absence of a towed array sonar limits it’s ASW capabilities.

Sachsen class [Germany] 2


1. Admiral Gorshkov class [Rusia]


Admiral Gorshkov class [Russia]

Strength: Anti-Air warfare, Anti-Submarine and Surface Warfare

Propulsion: Combined diesel and gas turbine (COGAG) propulsion with 2  diesel engines generating 3.9 MW each and 2 M90FR gas turbines producing 20.5 MW each, for a total of  49 MW of power.


Poliment multi-function radar ( 2 faces seen)

Poliment multi-function radar ( 2 faces seen)

Furke volume search radar

Furke volume search radar

  • It has a 4 face Poliment 5P-20K multi-function S-band AESA radar which can search and track aerial and surface targets as well as provide guidance to the SAMs.
  • This is complemented by a Furke-4 volume search radar which is uniquely mounted on top of the main radar itself. This prevents interference and allows both radars to have unobstructed search capability.
  • Monolit 34K1 radar is used for Anti-Ship missile guidance and surface search
  • Puma fire control radar for the 130 mm gun and 2 illuminators for the Palash CIWS
  • Submarine detection capability is provided by the Zarya M bow mounted and Vinyekta towed array sonars along with the embarked Ka-27 ASW helicopter


UKSK cell hatch open for Kalibr missile launch

UKSK cell hatch open for Kalibr missile launch

16 UKSK cells (above) and 32 Redut cells (Below)

16 UKSK cells (above) and 32 Redut cells (Below)

  • 1 × 130mm A-192M primary gun
  • 16  Universal VLS cells which can be armed with P-800 Oniks (300-500 km range) anti-ship missiles, Kalibr-Nk land attack cruise missiles (2500 km range), 91RTE2 Anti-submarine missile (which drops a torpedo 50 km away)
  • Long-range air defense is provided by 32 Redut VLS cells, which can carry 32 9M96E series SAMs of 40-120 km range
  • 2  Palash CIWS with twin 30 mm Gatling guns each. It has an integrated electro-optic fire control system and 8 short range SAMs.
  • 2 pedestal mounted 14.5 mm heavy machine guns
  • It has 2 x 4 330mm torpedo tubes for the unique Paket-NK torpedoes which can engage enemy submarines as well as torpedoes, thus serving a dual role.
Kesimpulan :

Peringkat dalam artikel meletakkan penekanan pada senjata, sensor dan kemampuan multi-peran dari frigat. Grafik puncak akan menjadi yang terbaik dari kapal multi-peran. Namun perlu untuk diingat bahwa beberapa kapal dengan peringkat sedikit lebih rendah mungkin unggul dalam satu wilayah, karena mereka telah dirancang seperti itu dari awal. Setiap Angkatan Laut mungkin tidak memerlukan kapal multi-peran untuk daerah operasi mereka dan ancaman yang dihadapi sama sekali berbeda.

Kebanyakan angkatan laut Eropa meletakkan penekanan pada perang anti-udara yang mereka anggap rudal jelajah Rusia sebagai ancaman utama. Angkatan laut Asia cenderung lebih menekankan pada perang permukaan dengan mengandalkan kemampuan penuh kapal multi-peran. Saya harap daftar ini memberikan Anda ide yang baik tentang 10 frigate yang paling baik.


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    Wihh mantep mantep Frigate nya Indonesia mah lagi butuh Destroyer.


    keren” Frigate nya


    keren yang nomor 1 produk rusia.


    Selamat Malam smuanya


    Mudah mudahan tni AL bisa punya kyk yg no. 1 plus TOT.nya. amiinn


    Battle proven Ten ships of Task Force 155 gather during
    Operation Desert Storm. Leading the formation at
    left is the aircraft carrier USS SARATOGA (CV-60),
    flanked by the guided missile cruisers USS SAN
    JACINTO (CG-56), top, and USS THOMAS S.
    GATES (CG-51). At center is the nuclear-powered
    guided missile cruiser USS MISSISSIPPI (CGN-40)
    flanked by the aircraft carriers USS AMERICA
    (CV-66), top, and USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67).
    At rear are, from top, the guided missile
    destroyer USS PREBLE (DDG-46), the guided
    missile cruisers USS PHILIPPINE SEA (CG-58) and
    USS NORMANDY (CG-60) and the guided missile
    destroyer USS WILLIAM V. PRATT (DDG-44)


    India n China frigatex masuk 10besar.
    Indonesia? No.1 nyela2 alutsista india n china. Emang kalau comment indonesia jagox


    Jelas russia yg pling seeeetrooooong


    Punya 1 aja Admiral gorshkov dijamin tetangga pada meriang


    ek biasanya 4000 tan ke atas dah di panggil destroyer tp x nak nampak ganas sgt sebab 2 di panggil frigate dlm list ni kenapa darling class x masuk


    lafayette udah gk masuk lagi ya.


      Ketua’an…kurang macho


      Aquitaine class bobotnya 6000an ton dengan lafeyete class 3600-4000,beda plaform,kalo ketuaan sih
      ngklah,nah kalo mau lebih ini juga bole Horizon class frigate hampir setara destro,kadang rancu dalam masalah bobottnya tentang korvet,frigate dan destro

      bandingkan lafeyete dengan pkr kita disebut frigate padahal bobotnya masih kalah 1000ton(lafeyete 3400-3600ton dengan pkr 105:2400-2600ton)

      kalo mau diartikan semua itu bisa ligth frigate(nah 2000ton-3000ton)reall frigate diatas 3400-4000an ton,5000-6000ton sudah heavy frigate karena diatas 6000ton -7000ton sudah bisa disebut destroyer tergantung pihak yg menambahin dan alussita dibawahnya(ini sebagai perbandingannya belum tentu lengkap juga)
      yg pasti tni al darurat kapal real frigate,heavy frigate juga destroyer(ntar uang dr mana,kalo mau platform negara maritim ya konsepnya harus diakusisilah)

      Álvaro de Bazán-class punya spain ini cloningnya sih destro hobart aussie punya(skrg mungkin sudah mau operasional2016-2017)

      kalo salah dikoreksi sajalah
      artikel ini bagus karena ini kapal frigate bisa menjadi bahan akusisi mana(
      salam damai selalu:)


        @bukek siansu
        Halo bung bukek hehe.
        Sebenernya AL Rusia n AL Indonesia mirip2 situasinya. Klo Rusia darurat Destroyer, Cruiser/Heavy Cruiser, dan Kapal Induk. Rusia saat ini baru mampu buat kelas Korvet dan Frigate baru. Masalahnya sama dgn Indonesia, uangnya cekak. Salam bung


          @bung JESTA salam juga,kalo al rusia beda konsepnya kebanyakan ugrade dan dibikin kasel nya baik eletrick maupun kasel nuke,nah napa proyeksi kek kasel karena susah untuk mengimbangin gugus tugas cbg nya us navy,tidak mau mengikutin sama dengan angkatan laut us(biaya terlalu besar)

          ditni al pengembuk helikopter tempur dan pespur khusus al sepertinya belum ada,nah dial rusia seperti sudah ada,nah beda lah ixixixxi konsepnya.

          salam selalu met damai:)


    Artikel seperti ini ane demen. Nambah pengetahuan, gambar2nya bikin melek


    Kalau dibuat artikel tandanya kita uda punya ! Ghaiblovers


    Kita butuh radar smart L jarak 400km atau pakai radar rusia. Yakhont dipasang sama kalibr. Pasang di pkr 105.


    Wah kalo PKR kita radarnya sama dengan zeven mantap nih


    Comment anda hilang ditelan alam ghoib hehehehe


    gk mungkin dapet kalibr terhambat sama MTCR


    Mudah2an Indo bisa buat mandiri dari basic PKR terus “ditiup” biar segede Carlo Bergamini class


    London, UK – Bahasa terlangka di dunia,
    Dusner, ternyata berasal dari propinsi Papua, di mana tiga orang yang masih menguasai bahasa itu saat ini sudah berusia lanjut dan sedang terluka akibat bencana alam.


    Kapal yg paling jos dari segi fleksitas menurut saya adalah No 4,…krn dibuat dgn fleksibilitas tinggi, true multiplatform….dgn daya jelajah hingga 9000KM….

    Mampu mengakomodasi tambahan personal hingga 75personel. Mampu mengangkut 4 leopard, 2 helikopter, 5 speedboat. . Dgn kombinasi apar dan smart l aew kita mampu menjaga natuna dari agresi china.

    Merupakan kapal paling aman, mempunyai 31 katub ditiap bagian kapal jadi meningkatkan survivabilitynya.

    Dan yg pasti ada kemiripan design dgn sigma pkr. Kedepan diharapkan Indonesia mampu membuat sendiri.

    Commonalitas peralatan yg dipakai sangat umum dipakai jg oleh negara NATO, jd untk sparepart dipastikan aman.


      Range nua yg bener
      Range: +9,000 nautical miles (17,000 km; 10,000 mi) at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)

      Daya jelajahnya yg luar biasa, mengalahkan semua frigate yg ada di atas.

      Usd 350 jt included sensor and radar.
      Hull doang sekitar 220jt usd.

      Kalo dibuat di Indonesia bisa menjadi usd 150jt utk hull doang…

      Paket senjata range dari 100jt usd to 250jt usd.

      Role pure AAW.
      Nambah captas 4 hargane usd 20jt. Long range towed array sonnar.

      Admiral gorskov memang diperuntukkan utk role ASW dan ASuW.
      Range nya hanya 4000Nm, aka 7000km.
      Harga hull doang usd 260jt



        itu iver apa absalon??


        Menurut hemat saya 7000 km..udah cukup bung unoo..soalnya kedepan..kita akan terbagi 3 armada…mungkin itu salah satu solusi agar kita tdk perlu kaprang2 yg jauh range jelajahnya..toh kedepannya tdk mungkin kita ekspansi..cuman defender..hanya isian kapal yg mungkin kita harus perhatikan..kalo bisa sampai 30 th..kita tdk perlu mengupgrade peralatan tempurnya kita masih bisa mengikuti..salam sehat selalu bung unoo..


          Kedepanya kita butuh invasi ke negara lain untuk melindungi kepentingan nasional. Kapal perang berdaya jelajah jauh lebih baik. Sesungguhnya batas negara itu hanya masalah power aja. Oleh karena itu kita harus kuat.


    Ember lu kagak bohong sih kayak gw


    forum ini isinya orang sok paling pinter, paling jago, tapi tak sadar diri. suka berandai2. andai pny su-35 lah, typhoon lah, fregat inilah, kapal induk lah, radar ini lah, rudal itu lah, andai punya kapal selam itulah. mbok tahu diri. duit aja kagak punya. f-16 aja bekas, punya flanker rudalnya gak tau punya berapa biji, kapal selam udah kakek2, bikin pespur sendirilah. (boro2 bikin pespur, mobil esemka aja cuma ngrangkai onderdil china). terus merasa jago, lebih hebat dari singapura, lebih kuat dr australia. hadehhh…jangan mimpi. biar kata punya 2 skuadron su-35 emang gak butuh rudal? emang gak butuh AWACS? mana itu jokowi yg mau beli drone?/manaaa? mo bikin sendiri? drone yg radius 20km. (itumah pesawat RC). bisanya jokowi beli burung di pasar pramuka. sudahlah jangan sok mimpi. tahu diriiii….mikir proyeksi kekuatan dr jkt ke papua dgn cepat aja tau bisa apa gak, krn pesawat angkutnya dah renta dan bekas. pemimpi semua. paling habis ini saya dibullying di sini. biasa orang sok pinter berbanding lurus sama hobi bullying. halah dibulying para pemimpi gak masalah. waakakakak


      omong op kumu sampean iku sam..??!!! wkwkwkwwkkw


      Maaf bung, segala sesuatu diawali dengan mimpi, mimpi kemudian menjadi tujuan untuk dilaksanakan. Sungguh kasihan manusia dengan pola pikir seperri anda, mikir positif aja ga mampu apa lagi turut membenahi negri ini.


        Kalau mau menjadikan mimpi itu menjadi kenyataan langkah pertama segera bangun dari tidur. Jangan sombong sambil tidur. Jangan maki-maki dan meremehkan negara lain sembari mimpi. Benahi diri kalian dulu itu sudah membenahi negeri. Gimana memperbaiki negeri jika kalian bisanya mimpi dan berandai-andai. Paling jago kalau sudah maki-maki dan meremehkan negara lain. Sekarang Australia bisa memproyeksi kekuatan ke Timur Tengah. Indonesia? Diserang ISIS berani nyerang ke Suriah? Mimpi sama takabur itu beda. Mimpi sama lupa diri itu beda.


          Knapa harus ke suriah om?…cukup..berpedoman…”siapa saja yang berani merusak NKRI..disini akan menjadi kuburannya”


          ya wajar lah kalo sebagian warjag disini suka komen jelek2 in negara tetangga..krna sebagai warga negara biasa ya itu salah satu bentuk pembelaan rakyat yang bisa dilakukan untuk negara setelah melihat sudah 2x pemerintah kita gagal diplomasi soal timtim dan sipadan ligitan….saya akui Ustrali, Singaporn, Malayshit mungkin alutsistanya lebih baik dari kita…kalau berani saya tantang 3 negara itu sekaligus serang Indonesia….jangankan sekarang yang udah punya ss2 segala macem…dulu gak punya apa2 aja bisa nahan sekutu berbulan bulan di Surabaya..apalagi sekarang


    Ane setuju sama ora mutu 🙂 .


    Disaat SSM sudah diluncurkam semua dan berhasil ditangkis lawan dengan ciws, meriam atau torpedo yg jadi andalan. Dibutuhkan kepresisian dan jangkauan tembakan meriam, klo engga bakal lama buat nenggelemin 1 frigate


    tu kalibr yg bikin ngiri…seumpama sigma kita bisa memanggul tu rudal pasti tetangga bakal gk nyeyak tdr


    Pulangnya salah rumah kali?


    Permisi Om2 dan Tante2,

    Kalau dari list di atas favourite saya:
    1. Nato = De Zeven Provincien
    2. Russia = Adm. Gorshkov

    Kalau konsepnya :
    Di wilayah Barat yg deketan ma China dan FPDA = campuran antara made in Nato & Russia
    Di wilayah Timur yg notabene membendung Aussie dan US = cukup made in Russia
    Di wilayah Tengah yg jadi last line of defense = back up ship

    Kalau masalah hull saya yakin PT PAL tidak akan punya banyak masalah, tetapi masalah engine, terutama arsenal dan sensor2nya ini yang menjadi tugas berikutnya untuk kita kuasai know how nya.




    Dari USAng gak ada…




    Dari USAng gak ada…

    Yes yes


    Yang dari russia tu pas waktu nyerang ISIS di timur tengah hebat banget peluru kendalinya muuuaaaannntttaaaappppp…. kecil kecil cabe rawit. Ayo lah kerja sama dengan Russia….


    waaa ini orang asli indonesia. tukang ngumpat dan kata2nya menjijikan. begini kok mau disebut bangsa besar.


    Kalau saya lebih seneng kapal selam kita yang ditingkatkan, baik jumlahnya maupun kualitasnya.Negara yang punya submarine yang kuat pasti ditakuti pihak manapun,Jerman yang di WW II bisa sukses membuat negara negara sekutu panas dingin,terutama Inggris yang dari jaman Napoleon terkenal dengan NAVI nya


    Kita gak usah beli ini itu
    .. Kita cukup berdoa saja… Jikalo ada rudal jelajah nyasar ke kita cukup dengan berdoa.. ;(


    Gorshkov, manufakturnya masih shipway yg boros, tidak efisien tempat. PT PAL dah lebih maju dng manufaktur modular, shg bisa dibuat di banyak galangan.